Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Boost - My Self-Confidence- Birthday Cake

After the Baby Shower cake fiasco, I decided it was time to prove to myself that I could make a cake that could stand on its own. In order to do so, I decided to make a nice little 9 inch, 6 inch, 3 inch tier cake. Each tier had only one layer, but I sliced each layer in half in order to fill it with Apricot-Fig filling. I used a chocolate-espresso buttercream to frost the whole thing. When I was done, I felt much better about my own ability to make a cake.

-It is never a good idea to tlak on teh phone while baking. This recipe take butter and I put too much in on accident. Urgh!! From now on, I think I will only take out as much butter as needed to bring to room temperature, instead of measuring sticks after they've warmed up. That's just better food handling practices anyway

-The yellow cake recipe I used was Ina Garten's (see construction cake blog). It takes sour cream and it's easy to forget that it, too must be at room temperature!!!

- If you are going to color your frosting, think about it before you start flavoring it with chocolate!!!

-I used dry espresso to make the frosting and it was super tasty - maybe a tad strong but it definitely got the point across

-I used my Magic Bullet to blend the remainders of fig and apricot jam from my fridge with Amaretto to come up with the filling

-After baking the cakes, I put them in the microwave overnight. It worked out well - especially since our microwave actually has a middle rack in it so I was able to put a lot of cake in there.

-I didn't need anything to separate the cakes (cardboard) since this cake was rather low...

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